Inland dredging
Nature Restoration
Anchoring systems


Knoop is a Dutch company known as a resourceful problem solver.

With over 30 years’ experience on and around water, we tackle challenges to find a solution together with you.

Passion for developing, consulting and execution

Skilled in multiple disciplines

We carry out projects relating to inland dredging, nature restoration and anchoring. Furthermore offer consulting services for maintenance dredging operations and nature restoration projects. We also rent out specialised equipment for inland dredging, earth moving projects and the agricultural sector.

Anchoring (large) floating solar parks and restoring nature reserves are projects that require specialised solutions.

Knoop is constantly developing, because… standing still means falling behind. This is why we look at problems in these areas of work as challenges that we give our full attention.

The world of inland dredging, nature restoration and anchoring is rapidly changing. This is why it is very important for us to always think one step ahead. All the more so during the present times of energy transition and sustainability.


Standing still means falling behind