We anticipate on a future that challenges us to innovate.

We have 30 years’ experience working in and around water. We help you to make your project succeed.

The strength of our mentality provides opportunities and we ensure sustainable results.


The Netherlands: a small country where water dominates the landscape. We have a dream, a passion, many ideas and the courage to take on the challenge. Our broad experience with dredging maintenance work and pioneering in nature restoration projects have brought us to where we are today.

Knoop offers solutions for inland dredging, nature restoration and anchoring projects.

Our strength lies in performing and consulting for various types of projects and in renting out the right type of equipment.

For us involvement with the client and our products is important. Developing the organisation, working methods and products is a constant process. We are fully focused on innovatively finding the best solutions. Everything with the goal of being a reliable partner for our clients and the people within our organisation.

Our activities include:


  • Removing wood (incl. chipping)
  • Constructing and organising depots
  • Excavating peat bogs
  • Cutting reed lands
  • Pumping organic materials, wood and stumps to a depot
  • Installing sheet pile walls
  • Reprofiling land ridges in peat bogs
  • Cleaning up canals, ponds and rivers
  • Decontaminating industrial depots
  • Working on pipelines/excavation work
  • Anchoring floating structures/objects

Management and consulting services:

  • Organising and (technical) guidance for (new) projects
  • Providing equipment-related consulting services
  • Developing action plans
  • Preparing import/export documents and providing transportation

Rental Department:

  • Providing equipment-related consulting services
  • Equipment rentals
  • Organising transport
  • Onsite training

With the help of our own equipment and professional personnel, we work on producing the best possible result. If necessary we create a team with external experts to tackle the challenge together with us in order to carry out your project.

Europe is our key area of focus, but we are able to carry out and provide advice for projects worldwide, depending on the request. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss available options.

Ankers drijvend zonnepark
Ankers drijvend zonnepark
Quality during execution