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We know how important it is to be able to rely on anchoring systems. Every situation is different. We make use of our experience and take all relevant conditions into account. By using innovative technologies, we can reach depths of up to 40 metres without the need for divers. We make use of the appropriate machinery and materials to install the system as securely as possible.

Thanks to our strong and reliable anchoring system (which can be permanent or temporary), floating structures in coastal areas, lagoons and lakes will last for years even under extreme conditions.

By choosing a certain type of anchor, the method of assembly and the fact that no divers are used, implementation is safe, fast and very efficient in comparison to other anchoring systems.

The installation process leaves minimal damage to the soil. Due to the use of lines, the anchors do not impact the bottom in any other areas. This means that there will be little or no damage. This is in contrast to other installation processes that often make use of chains.

Our anchoring system can be used to secure various structures to the bottom. This includes floating solar parks, floating jetties, fish farms, buoys (markers), pontoon anchors and turbidity barriers.

A comprehensive package

We offer a comprehensive package. This means that we can look after the entire process for you, ranging from planning, preparing the required documents and the HSE Plan, and organising and preparing the necessary equipment. In addition, we provide the necessary personnel, transportation to and from the site and the installation of the anchors. In other words, we provide you with a full-service solution.

During project start-up we will use force calculations to determine the type of lines required to secure the floating structure. The assembly of the entire line depends on the force exerted at a certain fastening point.

The line consists of segments and can be a combination of flexible line and Dyneema rope, flexible line only, Dyneema rope only or any other type of desired line. Dyneema rope and flexible lines are both designed to withstand severe conditions. As the word indicates, the difference is that the flexible line is flexible and can be used in the most extreme situations conceivable.

The Dyneema rope produced in the Netherlands is treated with a special coating. That makes the line wear-resistant and durable. Dyneema rope has a tensile strength of approximately 45 tonnes. Other types of lines are available on request.

In addition to obtaining the lines, we can also look after the fastening materials and linking the lines.

Following installation, you can also engage us to conduct annual and five-year inspections.

Furthermore, extra options are available on request, such as organising and positioning a flexible mooring quay, a wave breaker, the transport ofelectrical cables to shore and different types of anchors.

It is also possible to engage us for only several elements of the overall package.

We position anchoring systems up to a depth of 40 metres. If the situation demands a solution at a depth of greater than 40 metres, we make use of a different type of machine. In that case we can reach depths of up to 200-300 metres. The type of anchors we position are flip anchors, H beamsand concrete blocks. Thanks to a 3D GPS system, the anchors are positioned with the highest precision.


We execute your project with a professional team and high quality machinery to obtain the desired result. When you have a large-scale project that demands expertise in various disciplines, we can provide you with a team of specialists. We apply high standards with respect to safety, quality, accuracy and efficiency.

It is our belief that a project can only succeed with the right methods, experienced people and high quality machinery and equipment.


We offer:

  • Anchoring systems you can rely on

  • 30 years of custom hydraulic engineering experience

  • Reliable advice designed to realise a safe and sustainable project

  • A full-service solution

  • High quality machinery and equipment specially developed to produce the required results

  • A professional team of technicians, mechanics, project manager and field workers

  • A hands-on mindset that contributes to the project’s efficiency


Anchoring projects are of importance to the energy transition

Largest floating solar park in Europe

The final touches were put to the large floating solar park on the Bomhofsplas – a water-filled sand extraction site – in the municipality of Zwolle. The park is now ready to supply power.

With our anchoring system, we formed part of this major operation involving the installation of 72,000 solar panels covering 20 hectares. The comprehensive package we assembled, has helped this client to position the panels securely, cost efficiently and with a guaranteed long service life.

The system was put to the test during the recent storms in January. No damage or changes to the system were observed. This is a highly positive outcome.

Ankersysteem Knoop