A wide range of machines at your disposal


Based on our contracting experience we have developed a wide range of specialised equipment. We use this equipment to carry out various maintenance projects in wetlands, waterways and in the agricultural sector.

We have an extensive supply of high-quality, well-maintained machines and equipment for these sectors.

We make our machines available for rent through Knoop Rental.

This includes our amphibious excavators, couple pontoons, dredging pumps, booster stations, rotating track dumpers, workboats, hopper barges, HDPE pipelines and dredging hoses.

Our machines are rented subject to approval, including a qualified operator.

By providing the right advice and offering the most suitable equipment, it is our aim to support your business at a high level of quality. That enables you to achieve the desired result.

We are ready to serve you and help you with your projects.

For any questions about renting equipment feel free to contact us.

Verhuur materieel roterende dumpers