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At Knoop BV we are focused on sustainability and the environment. This is evident in our machine park and in the responsible way in which we perform our work.

We have a young machine park; 90% of our equipment is less than 4 years old. The machines are regularly inspected and meet all European standards. Since the machines are developed and built in-house, we pay strict attention to energy consumption, efficiency and applicability. The purchased equipment is assessed for its useful life and the replaceability of parts. Recycling and reuse is maximised.

We operate in nature reserves. During implementation we pay careful attention to ensure that the flora and fauna present in an area is maintained. By using a pressure pipeline, ship movements are kept to a minimum. This is not only beneficial to the existing flora and fauna, it also limits any inconvenience to recreational users and reed cutters in the area. The amphibious excavators exert very low soil loading pressure as a result of which the soil structure and soil life are maintained.

Floating machines – certification

All of our amphibious excavators and the Shredder Dredger are certified in accordance with the ESTRIN (European Standard – Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation Vessels) laws and regulations.