Our mentality and inventiveness are the driving force of our business


We are a Dutch company that has grown by performing maintenance dredging work. Given our many years of experience, we tackle any problem head on and we always look for a solution.

We can play a part in the execution of your project’s in various ways. For example, we can provide consulting services, carry out the project from A to Z, or rent out specialised equipment.

We offer high quality equipment for rent through Knoop Rental. This equipment is perfectly suited for performing small-scale dredging projects. This includes maintaining and restoring ponds, (recreational) lakes, ditches, stream valleys, rivers and canals. Due to our knowledge and experience, we carry out the work in safe and efficient ways.


With a passion for nature we have done a great deal of work. At the most beautiful places nature has to offer. With our expertise we create favourable habitats for various animal and plant species. Often this concerns recreating pioneering conditions to revive natural succession.

This way the nature reserves maintain their authenticity, aesthetic and wealth of biodiversity.

The techniques and working methods used are characteristic of our company

In the first years of pioneering and contracting nature restoration projects, all knowledge was gathered to develop proven work methods and techniques. In addition, we built specific machines. These machines are well-suited for working in areas with extremely poor loadbearing subsoil. This includes swamps, stream valleys, ponds and tide areas such as deltas and salt marshes.

We are currently carrying out the following activities for our clients:

  • Clearing forested areas (incl. chipping and/or shredding)
  • Constructing and organising depot sites
  • Excavating peat bogs
  • Cutting reeds
  • Pumping organic/released materials to a depot
  • Placing/installing sheet piling
  • Profiling baulks

Machines designed to achieve the best possible result

Over the years, experience has shown us that machines that were supposed to be perfectly suitable for a job, simply were not up to the task or as yet did not exist. To still achieve the desired result, we developed new machines. We built these machines in-house.

Examples of this include the Shredder Dredger and the amphibious excavator. These floating excavators are available in various versions. The machines have become essential for the precise work that we do.

Our amphibious excavator can easily cross ditches and waterways. The extremely low ground pressure allows the soil structure and soil life to be maintained. There is no terrain too wet or too swampy for this machine.

After removing wood, cutting reeds and excavating peat bogs, the Shredder Dredger becomes an important element in a project’s implementation. The Shredder Dredger is capable of pumping large quantities of vegetation, without having to depend on other machines. This unique machine is capable of shredding and processing wood, peaty soil, sludge, reed roots and/or stumps in a single pass. The mixture is pumped to a depot using HDPE pressure pipelines and dredging hoses.

Problems are there to be solved

Aside from our amphibious excavators, we also have equipment that can be used to perform work in and around water. As such we can offer you a comprehensive package to carry out your nature restoration project.

We understand that nature restoration, nature preservation and nature maintenance are important elements in retaining ecological values in wetlands. We assign a high priority to quality and safety. All activities are therefore carried out in accordance with the associated safety protocols and quality criteria.

View our reference projects to obtain an impression of our work. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options for your project.

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